Palmer Package

Maximum adjustment effectiveness

The Chiropractic term Palmer Package references a variety of techniques taught at the birthplace of Chiropractic: Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. The main techniques include:
Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, and Toggle Recoil.

We begin with a careful analysis of your spine position and overall health. Our chiropractors have expertise in coordinating these Palmer Package techniques allows us to provide maximum adjustment effectiveness for the best results possible. At Chiromark, our “Mark of Chiropractic Excellence” tagline really does reflect our commitment to surpassing “cookie-cutter Chiropractic” with the highest level of personalized, effective care.

“I am honored to have improved the lives of so many people in Glastonbury, Rocky Hill, and the surrounding communities. I invite you to call to schedule your ChiroCheck-Up today. Together, let’s mark the start of a better tomorrow and healthier, happier future!”

— Dr. Christian Reilly, Founder, Chiromark


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